Killer Queen CTF 2021

October 29, 30, & 31, 2021

Sponsors and Partners

Cybersecurity and Computer Science Education

Killer Queen CTF is a free cybersecurity learning program and set of competitions available to all around the world. It specializes in developing a tutorial platform and hosting competitions geared at making cybersecurity education open to all in a free and fun environment

Real-World Applications

Killer Queen CTF seeks to not only educate about existing cybersecurity and computer science topics, but for future topics. For example, quantum computers may lead to the obsolescence of many public-key cryptosystems such as RSA (read more) . Many of our cryptography problems incorporate lesser-known quantum-safe cryptosystems, allowing the next generation to better understand their exploits and be able to protect information security.

KQ Goes International!

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, all past competitions and educational videos are available online internationally to practice and learn from. All our future competitions will be also avaiilable internationally and will include prizes for international students and competitors

Support for Women in STEM

We're partnering with the #WomenWhoCode program to show our support for women in STEM and will be providing special prizes and opportunities for female competitors and all-female teams


The people writing challenges and partnering with sponsors to help you learn and compete

Patrick Dobranowski

Lead Organizer

Ethan Schnathorst

Lead Organizer

Andrew Wang

Anthony Wang


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Hosted on 09/17/2021, PBJarCTF offered a variety of challenges from easy to medium difficulty teaching competitors about binary exploitation, web exploitation, and even digital forensics

Killer Queen CTF 2021

Hosted at the end of October 2021, Killer Queen CTF will offer a variety of easy learning challenges and difficult challenges in all categories including pwn, web, forensics, crypto, and rev

Killer Queen CTF 2022...

Keep your eyes peeled for all future CTFs we will host and the amazing challenges and prizes they will offer!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • CTF stands for "Capture The Flag" which are a type of cybersecurity competition intended to teach about computer science and computer security. They involve participants exploiting common vulnerabilities found on web applications, pieces of software, cryptographic methods, networks, and other computer topics in order to gain a "flag" or proof that they successfully completed a particular challenge.

  • Killer Queen CTF goes beyond simple cybersecurity and its challenges extend beyond cybersecurity to bring a level of computer science education and competition available to all. Killer Queen teaches programming concepts, computer structure and hardware, networking, operating systems and algorithmic design in addition to cybersecurity while supporting Women in STEM and providing its services and competition on an international level.

  • Learning about and competing in cybersecurity goes beyond the principles of cybersecurity and helps students and participants developer a deeper understanding of and passion for computer science as a whole. Learning to expoit the systems that surround us each and every day requires developing a more thorough understanding of how they work and how computers operate. It also helps prepare the next generation of students and cybersecurity enthusiasts ready to defend a world where cyberthreats and attacks are possible everywhere.

  • Everyone! The tutorial videos and competitions are geared primarily towards high school and university students but are open to all internationally and can be of benefit to even experienced professionals or students.

  • Killer Queen is primarily run by high school computer science enthusiast students Patrick Dobranowski, Ethan Schnathorst, and Andrew Wang from Rock Canyon High School. It has, however, featured content and challenges from a variety of high school and college students around the world that have helped grow the services and competitions to what they are today.

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